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17 Crazy Ways People Stole The Show At Weddings
Weddings are a special day for couples to share their love with all their families and friends. The focus should be on them during their celebratory day, but sometimes that isn't always the case. At some weddings all you can remember is the crazy family member that made a scene and stole the show. These people have all witnessed shenanigans at weddings that will make anyone glad it wasn't their wedding. Read on to find out exactly what went down.

How classy.

Over the weekend two guys got extremely drunk and fought during the reception at the wedding I catered. So shocking!

Someone always has to ruin it.

The last wedding I went to the bride's brother came on stage in a drunken stupor and gave a two minute soliloquy before he was promptly ejected.

Ugh. Now it's her day too.

My sister got proposed at my wedding day. I’m happy for her but i wished her fiance chose a another day to do it. It was supposed to be my special day

How memorable.

The reception at my friends wedding ended in a parking lot brawl between the families. The police broke it up.

Sounds like it!

I went to a wedding where the bride’s sister announced her pregnancy. That was interesting...


One of my best friends announced her illegitimate pregnancy at my wedding. I shook it off, congrats ya know. But my entire family wasn't pleased at all.