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These Nasty Restaurant Confessions Will Make You Scared To Eat Out Again
Unfortunately for restaurant goers, it's known that some nasty stuff happens behind the scenes at many restaurants. Whether it's clumsy, angry or careless mistakes that jeopardize the cleanliness of your food, these gross things happen all the time. These chefs and servers reveal the grossest thing they have seen or done themselves on the job. Beware: these confessions might make you never eat out again. If you're not cool with cooking your own food 24/7, don't say we didn't warn you!

So foul.

My coworker peed in the organic apple juice jug used to make smoothies. It was only used for the customers who were really rude and demanding.


At a Blimpie (years ago) we weren’t required to change the containers in the cold case. One day my manager did and found black mold.... a lot of black mold.

A not so sweet discovery.

I once dropped and entire frozen cheesecake on the nasty kitchen floor and couldn’t throw it away, so I thawed it and served it.

But why!?

I used to lick buns and bagels after I toasted them at the cafe I used to work at.


I worked at a sub shop. The cheese had mold. I was told to cut around and serve anyway. Also dropped meat on the floor and was told to wash it and serve it.

Eat fresh?

I dropped a whole batch of cookies at Subway and we still sold them.