Others just don't understand.

Sometimes I forget that Synesthesia isn't a common disorder, and i probably sound like a crazy person when I try to describe it ๐Ÿ˜‚

Pro tip.

Got a speaker for Christmas. It helps with my synesthesia because with headphones stuff would appear ahead of me and distract me. Now itโ€™s coming out of a speaker.

Suddenly, everything has more meaning than it should.

My synesthesia makes me hate the number 19 and thats how old I will be on my next birthday.

So annoying.

Living with synesthesia is a gift and a curse... Especially when people think you're mad.

You don't know unless you have it.

I have intense synesthesia and even though I know others with the condition I still feel so alone. No matter what I do I am assaulted with color. I can't turn the world off.

Typical experience...

I have synesthesia. I see sounds in color, I see flavor, I see and physically feel music, and I feel what other people feel.