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Blessing Or Curse: 19 Real-Life Confessions From People With Synesthesia
Synesthesia is a rare phenomenon where one of your senses involuntarily activates a secondary sense. An individual with synesthesia may associate images with sounds or colors with numbers and letters, among other things, as these people show. Take a look at the unique way these 19 synesthetes see the world. Is their gift a blessing or a curse? Find out in these eye-opening confessions.

There are different kinds of synesthesia.

I have synesthesia, which manifests itself in the form of seeing sounds as colors

There's no specific way the ability works.

I have synesthesia for letters, and I'm also a musician. Seeing a chord written out with notes puts colors in my brain, but the actual sound is a different color.

It's a gift.

I love having synesthesia. 
How boring it must be to not see a symphony of color when you listen to music.

There's a lot going on up in the noggin.

I have something called special and graphemes synesthesia. Basically my left and right brain are combined, so each letter or number, sound of word has a color in my mind.

Some people have turned their ability into an artistic process.

Synesthesia means I hear some chords, draw a picture from the vision I get from the chords, write about the picture and my feelings about it, and turn those words into a song.

You may not realize you have it until later in life.

I recently just learned I have a condition called Synesthesia which is where your senses cross and words and numbers have flavours, scents and colours. All this time I thought that was normal.