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What It's Like Getting Pregnant When You Have An Eating Disorder
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I'm 10 weeks pregnant, and my boyfriend keeps calling me chub because I put on 15 pounds. I know he's kidding but I feel so huge, considering I used to have an eating disorder.
Being pregnant has been the greatest cure for my eating disorder. I couldn't be happier!
When I found out I was pregnant I left an abusive relationship, overcame an eating disorder, stopped drinking, found a better job, 
and got my shit together once and for all. 
She didn't ruin my life, 
She saved it.
I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I'm starting to go back to my eating disorder ways.
After 14 years of having a severe eating disorder. I'm finally a size 6 in jeans and a size 8 in dresses!! And I'm also pregnant and I just found out yesterday!!!
I was 9 months pregnant here, I hated feeling big and struggled with an eating disorder, but I made it and have a beautiful healthy baby boy. I miss feeling him in my tummy.