I ghosted this girl I met on a dating app, but turns out we go to the same gym. And whenever I see her she always stretches in front of me to tease me.

Commitment is scary.

I ghosted a girl a while back because things were getting serious and I got scared. Now that my life’s together I want her back but I don’t know what to say...


i ghosted this girl and then two weeks later she texted me saying she's pregnant. She kept it going for 2 months but it all turned out to be a lie. Well played...

The chemistry just isn't there.

I ghosted a girl after 3 dates because I could tell she felt like it was getting serious, but I didn't feel the "spark".

Taking time for yourself when you need it most is more important sometimes.

I ghosted on this girl one time because she met me at a hard time in my life and I ended up hospitalized because I tried to commit suicide.

Lost without a trace.

I ghosted my last gf because I fell in love with someone else that actually cares and wants to be there for me when I really need them