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16 Awful Therapists Who Should Probably Think About A New Career Path
Therapy is supposed to be helpful. But, it can definitely backfire and make things a million times worse, too. What is there to do when even your therapist has a therapist?

Imagine paying someone for guidance, advice, and a listening ear. And you get this response.

After a year of therapy my therapist said "Maybe life isn't for everyone"
My therapist told me today that she talks to other therapists about me because my trauma history is too "complex" for her.

They don't want your money?

I wish my therapist told me why I was no longer welcome instead of not taking my calls. I feel worthless.

OK, that's not great.

My therapist told me i'm not gonna get a girlfriend anytime soon

Why is this so common?

 My therapist said that I will never have a relationship because of my looks. I am getting a new therapist.

That's... troubling.

Today my therapist said I sounded like a serial killer or a modern day Hitler who wasn't racist and just hates stupid people.