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"My parents sent me a conversion camp in my teens and I've never been gayer."
LGBT Youth & Their Experiences In Conversion Camps

I tried that once, I went to a Christian conversion camp, (of my own will.) it only made me gayer.
Gay conversion camp actually worked for me

I'm not attracted to men but I'm not attracted to women so that's a win
My parents sent me to "conversion camp" in my teens. It made me super into rough sex and I've never been gayer.
It pisses off gay people when they found out that I went to gay conversion camp, it worked for me and it actually made me a happier person.
There is a good chance my parents will be sending me to a gay conversion camp. 
I'm so scared.
I came out to my parents and they slid a note under the door that said "We signed you up for treatment" with a brochure of a gay-to-straight therapy group from their church
I signed myself up for gay conversion camp. I'm 18 years old and I know everyone tells me I'm stupid and crazy, but I feel like I have no other choice, I can't be gay.
People today might hate or not believe what I say but conversion camp worked for me

Life has been better since
My parents told me to snap out of it or I'd go to a conversion camp
Well, it wasnt a conversion camp it was more just a Christian camp. But my mom told all the pastors about my gayness and tried to "help me"
My mom told me she wanted to send me to conversion camp.

Congratulations on destroying trust
When I was 14 my parents sent me to a Christian camp trying to pray the gay away, I'm glad they did because that's where I met my wife.
My first gay experience was at our Christian church camp 😳
After I told my Christian parents I was gay AND an atheist they sent me to a camp called "Pray The Gay Away"
So I felt is was time to tell my parents that I'm gay.. When I told them my mom said she was going to send me to a christian camp... My dad said I still see u the same way... Then I started crying...
My boyfriend and I met at a "Pray Away the Gay" type camp. Take that,  homophobic mom.
My Cousin was sent to church camp to "fix" the gay in him. He came home with a boyfriend (just makes me happy)
My parents sent me to a gay rehab camp once. At the end, I gave a long speech professing success at being healed and ended it with, "I lied. I've been doing it with guys this whole time. Thanks for the easy hookups mom and dad."
My teenage son came out as gay last month. At the behest of the church and after a lot prayer between my wife and I, we sent him to camp for 6 months last week. I still hear his cries as they took him away. What have I done?
Finally home from the gay camp my mom sent me to for 3 months

Im STILL lesbian


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