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15 Raw Moments From Students Who Received College Rejection Letters
As a student who spent weeks agonizing over college applications, there's no more highly anticipated moment than receiving decisions from those schools. Seeing the notification from the university of your dreams fills you with adrenaline as you wonder whether you've been accepted or rejected. These 21 students unfortunately found out that they were rejected by the colleges they applied to. Read their raw reactions to the disappointing news in these heartbreaking confessions.

Thanks for nothing.

When a college sends you an email saying they almost accidentally accepted you but not to worry it's all fine because you're not accepted.


That awkward moment when your family buys you shirts that say the name of the college you didn’t get accepted into.

Any rejection is hard to deal with.

I just found out I didn't get accepted into my dream college. I'm pretending like it's no big deal but secretly I'm devastated.

But sometimes it's a lot of rejection.

I got rejected by every college I applied to, ALL 50 of them.


I hear back from my dream college today... got rejected by them last year. Trying not to throw up/pass out as thinking about being rejected again

Oh no.

When you're accepted to the college of your dreams but then senior year you mess up due to mental health and you lose your acceptance...