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I'm A Forensic Scientist. This Is What My Job Is Really Like:
For most people, their exposure to forensic science has been through television shows and movies. For those in the field, it is nothing like it is on the big screen. In case you're unaware, forensic scientists use applied science to get answers on criminal and civil law cases. This is no ordinary job. However, it may not be as gruesome as you think. These specialists get real about what their career choice is really like.

People love their television.

I'm a forensic scientist specializing in blood, and I'm tired of people asking me if I'm like Dexter. I just happen to be good at chemistry.

Who knew?

I'm a forensic scientist...dead bodies don't bother me, but watching a tv show about plastic surgery really grosses me out.

What? Bummer!

Way too many people don't know how broad the term "forensic scientist" is. I'm a forensic scientist. I spend all day in a lab looking through computers and cell phones.

Oh no!

I once accidentally dropped my gum into the open stomach of a victim...forensic scientist here.

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

I'm covered in tattoos and plan to get more! I'm a forensic scientist and I appreciate being able to express myself despite my career.

Words from the wise.

As a forensic scientist, I can promise you that those shows on TV have 0% to do with reality. You might want to shadow a specialist before you jump into the field after binging a series.