I hate hanging out with my girlfriend's "friends". They all try to flirt with me. It doesn't really bother me, but I know how upset it makes her. Why are girls so two faced?

Sometimes time is the biggest gift we need from our partners.

I hate competing with my girlfriend's friends for her attention. She's so busy and even when she's free, she's with her friends. I get close to none of her time.


My girlfriend's friends make no effort with her. They say they love her and miss her, but their actions say otherwise. She gets lonely and it breaks my heart. I hate them.

That's loyalty right there.

I truly HATE when my girlfriends friends disrespect her. That is the best way to piss me off. Disrespect my gf and I automatically hate you. They'll have to work hard to ever get my respect again.

Uh oh.

My girlfriend's friends put her in bad situations. Doesn't make me like them at all.

Shady ladies.

I don't trust my girlfriend's friends because I feel like they are bad influences on her. I hate when she spends time with them because she never tells me the complete truth until two days later.