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"I Got A Concussion Saving A Girl From Her Violent Boyfriend"
17 Frightening Concussion Stories

I got a concussion and I'm still recovering after 2 years
I get migraines because of my concussion last year. 

I'd rather get shot in the head than live with the pain.
I've had a concussion now for 9 months and everyday I feel like I lose a part of myself.
I got a concussion at my wedding reception because my new brother in law threw me. I tore my dress in the fall.
I got a concussion saving a girl who was about to get beaten by her boyfriend...
I've had a concussion for a little over a month and a half now and I feel like little by little my body has started doing these weird little quirks that I've never done before. I don't like it...
I was in a car accident a week ago, and I got a concussion and whiplash, but now out of nowhere, I'm like having flashes of things that aren't real and cold feelings over my body, and idk why
I got a concussion in a car crash almost a year ago. It took me MONTHS to heal. No one warns you about the emotions you battle in the beginning. Scared. Lonely. Stupid. Crazy. All of it.
The other day I got a concussion...

Now im looking at possible permanent nerve damage.
I got a concussion at work from a rail falling and hitting me in the head. I finished the next five hours of my shift. And have an 8 hour shift tomorrow. My entire spine hurts but I need the money.
I used to be able to repress my emotions but ever since I got a concussion I've had no control
I got a concussion months ago and haven't been the same since. I feel stupid now and I never used to. :(
I got a concussion yesterday and got nauseous, dizzy, confused, and was jerking. Now I'm acting all bipolar and my mood is constantly swinging
My brain changed after my concussion. I had to actually mourn the loss of the way my mind used to be.
I got a concussion at work and now the drs won't clear me to go back, it's almost been 2 weeks
I've had a concussion for 3 months now. I've never felt more isolated and cut off from the world. People never understand how bad they are. I have nightmares all the time, and can't read or write.
I've had a concussion for 6 months now and all I want is to be healthy again, but I can't control it and it's so frustrating.
My concussion is ruining my life... I can't even look at the screen for to long without feeling lightheaded
I got a concussion by slamming a door in my own face. Had a line down my forehead for a month.
I got a concussion and it just keeps getting worse


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