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Couples Tell All: The Annoying Habits That Drive Your Partner Crazy
When you're in a relationship with someone, things are never going to be perfect. While everything may seem that way in the beginning, once you're past the honeymoon stage your partner's cute quirks can become a huge annoyance. These couples get real about the things their partners do that drives them crazy. Here's what they had to say.

The temptation is unbearable.

My girlfriend is pregnant and she has this really annoying habit of flirting with me and kissing me until I'm turned on and then saying "only 6 months left".

Wetherington, Ohio, US

This is a problem.

My boyfriend has this really annoying habit of saying he is going to do things that HE WON'T! I feel like I can't rely on him to do anything.

Culver City

No one likes a steamroller.

My boyfriend has a habit of interrupting with something irrelevant or not answering me when I'm trying to talk about anything important. Gets a little annoying

Exwick, Exeter City, Devon, England, GB

PDA isn't for everyone.

My boyfriend has this annoying habit of constantly groping me in public. It makes me self conscious and I don't like it.

Fairmount Park

It really gets under your skin.

My bf has a annoying habit of making noises with his mouth. I just want to slit my throat!

Independence, Missouri, US

Don't air your dirty laundry.

My gf has a very annoying habit of complaining on Facebook about our personal issues. I've had enough of it and I really want to break up.

North Merrick