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15 Heartbreaking Confessions From People Who Are Going Blind
Being able to see clearly, or see at all, is a privilege that many people take for granted. Our vision gives us a freedom and independence that some people just don't have. You don't realize how different your life would be without your vision until your vision is compromised. These people are learning first hand how difficult and scary this really is. These confessions will make you appreciate your sight and all your senses. Live life to the fullest and take in every beautiful sunset. You never knew what the future holds for you in regards to health.

So sad.

I found out today I'm going blind. I will wake up unable to see my children or the world one day.

Never take your senses for granted.

I had a stroke.

I lost pitches of sound in my hearing and I'm losing my vision.

I've gone color blind and music I used to listen to doesn't sound the same...

Kindred spirits.

My best friend is deaf and I'm going blind. It's hard for us to talk, but we make it work.

So terrifying.

I'm going blind and nobody knows. Recently stairs have begun to blend in with the pavement below and I'm afraid to walk down them. I'm only 30.

Cold as ice.

I told my girlfriend that I'm going blind and now she's leaving me. What am I supposed to do now?

Little did she know.

My aunt told me today that God is going to punish me for not putting my son in school. Little does she know that I'm going blind in my left eye