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These People Have Cheated On Every Partner They've Been With
Once a cheater always a cheater? While there are some people who make a mistake and never do it again, there are others who are repeat offenders. These individuals are ready to fess up to their unfaithful past and admit that they've cheated on every partner they've been with. Find out what they had to say for it in these shocking confessions.

Once a cheater always a cheater?

I cheated on every boyfriend that I had, but not once on my husband. He's too important to me and I would hate myself if I betrayed him. I used to be a bad person 😔

It's hard to believe you got so lucky.

I cheated on every partner I  ever had before I met my husband.  I feel so guilty & terrible that I have  hurt so many men in my past. I feel like I don't deserve the wonderful man I married. I cherish him so.

Commitment is scary.

I cheated on every girlfriend I have had. I really think that I'm not able to be loyal to any girl. Thinking about marriage and kids scares me.

Monogamy isn't for everyone.

I absolutely did love every partner I cheated on. 

I just didn't realize I couldn't be monogamous.

Can't believe that happened.

I cheated on every boyfriend I ever had until I caught herpes, now I'm 1000% loyal to my new boyfriend

It's not that you don't feel bad.

I cheated on every partner, but my husband, over and over. Now I know true love I feel so much regret...