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17 Crazy Comments Other Women Made About My Miscarriage
Going through a miscarriage is one of the most painful things a woman can go through. The loss is felt physically and emotionally. A generous support system is what a woman needs during this time. Unfortunately for some women, they weren't awarded that during their time of need. These 17 women open up about the crazy things that were said to them after confessing they had a miscarriage. Some comments are truly out of this world.

Not the time to "one-up" someone.

I told my best friend about my miscarriage and she said, "Oh my news is worse than yours, the doctor told me I could't have kids".  Like damn really? I get it's bad but seriously you made it a competition.

Some "motherly love."

I don't understand some moms. When I had my miscarriage, my mom yelled at me because she was missing Survivor since she was at hospital with me during it.

It's always best to be nice and not judge people.

I told my friend about being pregnant and she got all mad because we had sex before marriage. Then I told her about the miscarriage and she said "Thank Goodness!" I bawled my eyes out when she left.

Some "friend"

I ended a relationship with my "bestfriend" last year when she told me I needed to get over my miscarriage 3 weeks after it happened. It hurt, but what she said hurt even more.

Silence isn't always golden.

I had a miscarriage 4 days ago. Just told my mom and she hasn't said a word to me. Not even I'm sorry, nothing.


I miscarried my child. Right after it happened, every time I saw a pregnant woman or new born baby I had to walk away due to crying and my friend said to "grow up and get over it"