We have to be honest with ourselves.

the real reason I'm not an organ donor or donate blood is because I feel like my parts are too messed up and would do more harm than good

Even in death, we should get a say on what we do with our bodies.

I'm not an organ donor and I'm not sorry about it. If I die it's still my body & I want it left in peace. There's millions of other people who are organ donors. I don't want to be cut open when I die

Always look out for yourself.

I'm not on the organ donor registry because if I get in an accident and it's life or death I want them to save me, not let me die for my organs.

People can be so judgmental.

When I say I'm not an organ donor people look at me like I'm the worst... I have attachment issues especially with stuff inside myself

The damage is done.

People judge me for not being an organ donor, but my organs barely work for me, I don't think they'd be able to be used for anyone else, even though I want them to be.

People have legit reasons for why they choose not to donate.

I hate when people ask my why I'm not an organ donor. I'm living with cancer I can't just say hey take my cancer organs and enjoy them 😒😓