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18 Incredible Interactions Between Parents And Significant Others
"My girlfriend's dad caught me checking my girlfriend out, I coughed and blushed and he just said 'that's how I look at her mother'"

My girlfriend's dad caught me checking my girlfriend out, I coughed and blushed and he just said "that's how I look at her mother"
Apparently my dad and boyfriend bond over weird things I do. I came down stairs to my boyfriend saying "you know how when she gets confused and scrunches her nose up like this?" And my dad started laughing.
My boyfriend has a deadbeat father and started crying when my dad hugged him and called him "son." My dad, the man who threatens any man within a mile of me. I was speechless.
My boyfriend's dad left him and his family 5 years ago. My dad was helping him out with his car and later my boyfriend tells me, "BABE! I have a dad again!"
I was dreading meeting my boyfriend's Mom. So to break the tension I figured I would make a joke.. Apparently saying 'Hey we've got something in common, he's been inside both of us' wasn't the best idea.. 
I'm meeting my girlfriend's mom tonight... Her mom is bringing bud. She's a keeper
My boyfriend's mom curves girls for him. When she sees a girl trying to flirt with him she yells out "HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! GET OUT OF HIS FACE!" I love that woman 😊
Messaged my boyfriend's mom that I gave him a hickey so that he didn't have to hide it
I met my boyfriends dad last month and my boyfriend told me his dad thought I had fake boobs.
I don't...
My girlfriend's dad asked her about her rope collection: "do you tie him up with that?"
My girlfriend's dad gave me a condom and said "play it safe", as I walked upstairs to her room
Met my girlfriend's dad when I climbed up to the wrong window in the middle of the night. Luckily he didn't press charges. #blessed
Me and my girlfriend's dad were sitting in the living room. 
She called 'daddy!' and we both said 'yes?'  awkward...
I asked my boyfriend's mom to install spy software on his 
phone so I'd be able to monitor his activity. 
She agreed to do it
My boyfriend's mom told me she needs to fatten me up so I can give her grandchildren 😂😂😂😂
I weigh 170
My boyfriend's mom told me to break up with him. Not because she doesn't like me but because she doesn't like to see me cry all the time
When my boyfriend met my mom for the first time he shook her hand and said "Hi, I'm Ryan, big fan of your work."
My boyfriend walks around the house naked singing.  "I'm freeee, free balling" my mom caught him today


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