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15 People Share The Worst Baby Names They've Ever Heard
When you hear that someone gave birth to their child, the first thing you're usually told is the name. And while some parents stick with run-of-the-mill names that most people would come to expect, there is a growing trend of parents who opt for more unique names for their child. But some of the names that parents come up with aren't the best, as these people show. These are the absolute worst baby names people have heard. Read on to find out the ridiculous names these children have to live with.

Wonder if that was on purpose...

My 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Pitts, named her son Harry. 

The kid's name is Harry Pitts.

Are you that special Sumbodi?

A girl I graduated with named her son Sumbodi (pronounced somebody)


Icesula my step-brother's friend named his daughter Icesula... They call her 'Ices' for short.... sounds like Isis

You can't help but worry about the kid's future.

I know this person who legally named her daughter "Cellephonequa" 😥😥😥 I feel so so so bad for the daughter

Some people really like their hats.

My aunt named her daughter fedora 😂😂😂

He was a gift!

My sisters friend named her son "Giftson"