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"My dad proposed to my mom on Valentine's Day in a McDonald's parking lot."
Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day and all the cliches it brings are here to stay. Do you think it's cute to get engaged on this lovely commercial holiday, or just unoriginal? Some of these couples engagements had rather unexpected results...

The anticipation is too much!

I knew we were going to be engaged and I knew when he got the ring. But on Valentine's Day I was so anxious so when he said "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" I rushed him.

Gosh, Grandpa, get it together!

My grandma said no to my grandpa's engagement and told him to wait a day because the next day was Valentine's Day so they got engaged on Valentine's Day

Who does that?!

So he broke up with me after he Engaged to me on Valentine's Day last night. I'm literally dying.


Valentine's day was great, I sercretly got engaged.

Who can blame them?

I got engaged on Valentine's Day, and the truth is that I was more excited for the walking dead than getting engaged.


the hardest thing to watch on Valentine's day was watch my best  [guy] friend get engaged...