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21 People Of Color Who Are Tired Of Being Told They "Act White"
What does it mean to "act white"? People of color are judged all the time for different types of things. When they want to better their lives, or act a certain way towards their friends and family, they are told they're being out of line. Trying to be something they're not. But is there any truth to this? The social expectations of white society are not totally separate from people of color. How many more years will it take to become humans in solidarity, instead of humans fighting each other based on race?

It's not.

It's so annoying when people say I act "white". I didn't know speaking proper english was limited to one race 🙄

New York, New York, US

It's never clear what this means from person to person.

So my "friend" came out to me and said she's racist, "but not to me because I act white." I feel betrayed and confused as to how a certain race acts.

Spartanburg, South Carolina, US

I'm a black female and feel like my family disown me sometimes because they say I talk and act white when really I just speak proper English


You are just being yourself.

It actually hurts when people joke about me being an Oreo because I "look Black but act White".
It's depressing when you're not fully accepted by either race...


I am called an Oreo because I don't dress nor act "black" and I talk "white" when I am actually utilizing my education. I do not hate people who call me an Oreo but I do feel sorry for their hearts.

Columbus, Georgia, US

Labels only hurt and limit people in the end.

My bf is white & I'm black. I'm not an Oreo,sellout,or self-hating black woman. I'm just a girl attracted to men and my current man happens to be white. So please stop with the labels

Nashua, New Hampshire, US