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17 People Reveal The Biggest Lesson They Learned From Their Last Breakup
People enter our lives for plenty of different reasons. Not everyone we date is going to be our one and only. In fact, sometimes people enter our lives to teach us a lesson. Even though it hurts, every breakup usually teaches us something about ourselves. That's one silver lining of heartache. These confessions unfold the most memorable lessons people learned from their last relationship. Get your pen and paper out, because you might want to take notes.

Plenty of people can relate to this.

It ended for a reason, and I shouldn't go crawling back just because it's familiar. 
I always have to remind myself that when I think about him.

So true!

My last relationship taught me you learn more about a person after you break up than you did while together

Do you, baby boo!

Heartbreak can be eye opening. My recent break up taught me that I'm free to do whatever the fudge I want...so I gauged my ears and I'm planning my first tat on my wrist. Life is good.

Amen to that.

This break up really taught me I need to love myself so I won't let people walk all over me

Too real.

If something feels wrong, it is. Leave as soon as the red flags start. You will never be able to make someone change.

My latest heartache instilled this into my brain.


It's not always love. Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person.