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19 Regrettable Things People Did While Blackout Drunk
When it comes to drinking, there are different levels of inebriation. After a drink or two you may feel buzzed, then drunk after a few more until you reach what's known as the blackout stage. When you reach that level of drunkenness, your judgment gets affected along with your memory. So you may do things that are shockingly out of character, as these 19 people realized. Read on to learn their shocking stories about being blackout drunk.

When you're blackout drunk, you do some regrettable things.

One time I got blackout drunk and pooped on my stairs then laid in my own vomit... wasn't a good night.


I once came back from being blackout drunk right before I got a tattoo. Very narrowly avoided that.

Deserves an 'A' for effort.

One time I peed the bed. When I woke I was still blackout drunk and put the sheets in the toilet thinking it was a washing maching

There probably won't be another date.

That one time when I got blackout drunk at a party I took the guy I was dating with me... Yeah, made out with two dudes in front of him. Fail.

That's scary!

One time I was blackout drunk & got in the bath. Woke up & my 'friends' had left, I had passed out in the full tub and my nose was millimeters from the water. Close call.

Just a minor oversight...

I got blackout drunk last night and sexted one of my guy friends I slept with once. Woke up to find all the pics I sent him and ones he sent me. They were very graphic.  Drunk me forgot he has a GF.