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I'm Guilty Of Blackmail. Here's What Happened:
Blackmailing someone is the act of revealing threatening information on them in exchange for money. This is classified as a criminal act and is a really uncool thing to do. These people confess to blackmailing and get down and dirty about the details. Get out your popcorn for these jaw dropping confessions.

Oh, the scandal.

I blackmailed an English teacher in high school to get a good grade. I said I'd tell other teachers about her coke addiction if I didn't pass.

Sweet revenge.

I blackmailed my ex for two grand when I found out he was cheating on me

So sad.

I blackmailed this guy when I was 12-13 and I almost made him kill himself. Looking back now, I feel so bad..


I caught my mom smoking marijuana and I blackmailed her into letting me smoke with her.


My stepdad cheated on my mom with my aunt. I blackmailed him for money and then told my mom anyway.


Back in 8th grade, I blackmailed this boy to give me money or I would tell people that he was the one who made a nasty fake page of one of our classmates.