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Women Confess How They Really Feel About Their Partner Getting A Vasectomy
Getting a vasectomy is a permanent and life changing decision. If you and your partner aren't on the same page with this choice, it can get messy really fast. These woman share their true feelings about their men getting 'the snip'. From joy to sadness to confusion, these confessions hold nothing back.

Cheers to all!

Celebrating my husband and his vasectomy today!

Happy You’re NOT A Father’s Day!

Where is the trust?

I denied my husband a vasectomy, because I know men get those so they can cheat better. Not on me, honey.

Ooh la la!

My husband got a Vasectomy & it was the best decision ever. 
We have more playtime now than when we met in college!!!


Pretty sure I’m pregnant. My husband and I never wanted kids; he got a vasectomy years ago.

Here comes drama.

I want another baby so badly, but I can't because my husband  had a vasectomy. It hurts to see my friends and family have babies. I kind of resent him for this now...


My husband lied about getting a vasectomy. So I'm going to lie about having an affair and divorce him.