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The Craziest Reasons Why These People Ordered An Uber
Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of rides share services like Uber. This method of transportation is easy to use and more popular than ever. While most people use it to avoid traffic or as an alternative to getting behind the wheel drunk, some people think outside of the box when using Uber. These confessions will either inspire you or leave you completely baffled.

Not a bad idea!

Fun fact: I Took an Uber to prom because it was cheaper than renting a limo.

Well, damn.

One time, I took an Uber driver on a date to the drive in.

Well, it wasn't really a date. I paid him well to sit through 4 hours of movies with me. And I bought popcorn. I've reached an all time low.

When you really love cake.

So last night I celebrated my birthday at a restaurant and I had a cake & forgot we were going clubbing after. I didn't want to leave the leftover cake at the restaurant, so I called an Uber to bring the cake home for me.


I took an Uber to the hospital when I thought I had appendicitis (I actually had an ovarian cyst that burst) because the last ambulance ride I took cost  $2,500 to go 10 miles with no medical care.

Might as well buy a charger at that rate!

Once I got an Uber just to charge my phone.

Hopefully you didn't drive drunk when you found your car...

Last night I was so drunk I started crying because I couldn't find my car, so I called an Uber and they drove around 20 mins helping me look for my car LOL