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"My Ex Dumped Me For Another Girl, I Hooked Up With Her & Sent Him Pics"
Yeah, It Happens. What It's Like To Have A Same Sex Rebound

I once brought another girl to the bedroom to suprise my man at the time for a fun 3some and he freaked out, got mad and left! Long story short I hooked up with the girl and broke up with him! Lol
I'm a straight girl who just broke up with me bf and I hooked up with a girl last
Night and thought it was fun.. Shhh
Just broke up with my boyfriend and I hooked up with a girl for the first time and it smelt so bad I gagged. Had to blame it on the alcohol 😷
I experimented with a boy while in the same week I broke up with my girlfriend. We got back together and just broke up. They R going 2 the same high school and I still feel like he's going to tell her
After my bf broke up with I hooked up with another girl. What was I thinking??
My ex dumped me for another girl so I hooked up with her and send him the pics. #ProudBisexual