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"My Ex Dumped Me For Another Girl, I Hooked Up With Her & Sent Him Pics"
Yeah, It Happens. What It's Like To Have A Same Sex Rebound

I once brought another girl to the bedroom to suprise my man at the time for a fun 3some and he freaked out, got mad and left! Long story short I hooked up with the girl and broke up with him! Lol
I'm a straight girl who just broke up with me bf and I hooked up with a girl last
Night and thought it was fun.. Shhh
Just broke up with my boyfriend and I hooked up with a girl for the first time and it smelt so bad I gagged. Had to blame it on the alcohol 😷
I experimented with a boy while in the same week I broke up with my girlfriend. We got back together and just broke up. They R going 2 the same high school and I still feel like he's going to tell her
After my bf broke up with I hooked up with another girl. What was I thinking??
My ex dumped me for another girl so I hooked up with her and send him the pics. #ProudBisexual
 My gf dumped me
And I've been looking for love in all the wrong places
And I even tried gay sex and it was so weird and I was crying and 
Idk what to do
I feel so alone
Is a guy gay if he experimented with two guys because he didnt think he was good enough after his girlfriend dumped him?
My ex girlfriend cheated on me with another female! Now I'm sleeping with the guy she jus broke up with!!! Am I in the wrong?
I'm female. I dated one guy and broke up with him. Then I dated another guy. Now those two guys are dating.
My best friend is supposedly straight but last night he came over cuz his gf broke up with him he cried then kissed me and said he loved me and we had sex now he wont stop texting and im gay
i got rejected by my straight crush & rebounded with my best friend. help.
Broke up with my girlfriend and had gay sex with a man. A week later I got back together with my girlfriend. She has no idea.
When my best friend broke up with his girlfriend i comforted him with hot gay sex.
I seriously just broke up with my boyfriend 
And that night I had lesbian sex with my best friend

Not the first time
After my bf of three years and I broke up I had sex with a fat lesbian. What is wrong with me?
I recently broke up with my girlfriend. I called my best buddy for some consolation but he ended up kissing me..we had sex!!...I'm confused now...Am I gay/Bisexual?
My friend and his girlfriend broke up a month ago and he hasn't had sex since her. He asked me if I could give him a brojob but it pissed me off. That's not your gay friend's job.


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