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24 Awkward Funeral Moments That Will Make You Go OMG
Funerals are both a time to grieve and a time to celebrate the life of the recently departed. It's a ceremony that typically takes on a serious tone remembering the life of a loved one. But even with the planning and preparation that goes into a funeral, there are some moments that are simply out of control. Follow along as these 24 people describe the moment things got awkward while attending a funeral.

I didn't understand that my grandpa was dead (I was 3) so I ran up to the casket and tried to wake him up so we could play another round of hide and seek :(
I was 3, it was my first funeral. My parents weren't watching so I went up to the coffin. I looked at her, poked her eyes, realized she was dead, and screamed. I have a fear of funerals now...
I yelled can we hurry this up at a funeral because my gameboy died...I was 8

Asking the wrong question at the wrong time.

My friends mom died. At the funeral, l asked "How's the family?" Thankfully it gave him a good laugh.


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