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The 19 Craziest Confessions About The Alleged Area 51 Raids
The content below was sourced from real posts on the Whisper app, the largest online community where people anonymously share real thoughts and feelings. Join the community to continue the conversation today. If you have been paying any attention to the internet recently, you will notice a surplus of content regarding Area 51. Area 51 is the highly classified United States Air Force facility in Nevada. Due to its secretive nature, Area 51 has been believed to house extraterrestrial life and has caused quite the stir because of it. A Facebook event created in July of 2019 is calling for believers to meet and raid the facility. This event has gone viral and is creating quite the frenzy from believers and non believers. See what everyone is saying in this crazy confessions. After reading, ask yourself if you believe!

Sad, but true.

I personally love the Area 51 memes because it’s a fun break from all the politics and hatred I normally see on my social media

Hi-View Addition, Indiana, US

Jealous much!?

My almost boyfriend literally dumped me because I was making jokes about getting it on with aliens at area 51. Who the f**k gets jealous of ET?

Omaha, Nebraska, US

Welcome back!

I was in jail for 2 weeks.  I got out and all I see is Area 51 memes.  What the HELL did I miss??

Virts Corner, Virginia, US

Maybe so.

I just want a girl that’s as strange as I am. Gonna have to storm Area 51 for that I guess.

Regina, Saskatchewan, CA


Screw Area 51, lets raid Epstein island!

Sound Beach, New York, US

There you go!

Instead of storming Area 51, why not use the idea of "they can't stop us all" to overthrow the government?

Alexandria, Virginia, US