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I'm In Love With A Transgender Person. This Is What Our Lives Are Like
What is it like dating someone who is transgender? For some people, when it comes to dating and relationships, gender is a complete nonissue, but that doesn't mean they don't go through their own unique set of challenges and frustrations. These 19 people talk about thoughts, feelings and what they go through as someone dating a transgender individual. Here are their experiences in these honest confessions.

You can't help who you fall in love with.

I'm dating a ftm-transgender man. Most people don't understand why I wouldn't go for a cis-person. But I know he's my perfect match.
I'm so damn proud of my boyfriend..

For some, it's a new experience.

I'm a lesbian, and I'm dating a ftm transgender. I'm really happy, but it's uncomfortable calling him my boyfriend and use male pronouns. Just different.

Go with what your gut is telling you.

I'm dating a FtM Transgender.
I'm new at this and okay with it, but I know its going to be hard. 
He's so amazing, but I'm a little bit terrified.

Doesn't change a thing.

Dear Family,
I'm a lesbian... it's taken you over a decade to comprehend that... here's a new one! Now I'm dating a FTM transgendered man and I'm still a lesbian!

You want to make them happy.

I love my boyfriend(ftm), I just wish his dysphoria wasn't bad at times and I could please him better sexually 😞

He gets you.

I'm dating a FTM and I couldn't be happier. We're both born as girls too, so he knows how to take care of me during 'shark week'.