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Confessions Of A Zumba Instructor
Zumba has blown up throughout the years, and it's no surprise why it has gained so much popularity in the fitness world. However, what is it like being an instructor for the energy-packed classes? These Zumba instructors open up about their honest thoughts and opinions about their line of work. Read on to find out what they had to say about it all.

Zumba makes working out fun.

I'm a Zumba instructor and lost 100 pounds doing it. It is a lot of fun and you really don't feel like you're working out!!

Support got you where you are.

My big interest has always been fitness, and my parents always supported my pursuit of it. I'm thankful that because of them I'm now a Zumba instructor.

Instructors come in all shapes and sizes.

I hate that everytime I say I'm a Zumba instructor everyone will think I have a great body. Jeez. I'm overweight.

The nerve.

I don't get why guys think since I'm a Zumba Instructor, they can pay me to do dirty stuff with them.

The money isn't great.

I need more classes to teach and I need more money. I'm a Zumba instructor and I struggle to pay my bills.


I hate when people think I'm in a good shape when I say I'm a Zumba instructor. Not everyone looks the same.