I'm considering a destination wedding. His family hates that were getting married and I have no family besides my mom. I can just bring her with.
Rain on your wedding day is good luck! It DOWN POURED during my destination wedding and I mean poured enough to fill up buckets.
My fiance & I decided to have a destination wedding after our closest family said they'll come. Now they are all backing out&we can't get our money back😡
Spend 2K to be in and attend a destination wedding for a best friend- we are no longer friends, because she cared more about drama and was ungrateful
I want a destination wedding partly because I know my stepdad won't be able to attend.
My mom called me selfish for having a destination wedding & said I shouldn't have kids because of my severe anxiety. She doesn't know all of the pressure I'm under now
& that she's a big cause 
of it.