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Destination Weddings: Good Idea Or Bad Idea
21 Brides And Guests Discuss The Pros And Cons Of Destination Weddings

A few people said my Vegas destination wedding was the best they've been to. We really planned it out to make it fun for our guests so I was happy to hear that!
Destination wedding in 3 months. Told family 2 YEARS ago, so they could save money to attend. No one in my family is going.
I am having a destination wedding and was sad that I wasn't going to get a bridal shower or bach party. Turns out everyone is really bad at keeping secrets and they are planning at the resort!
Just went to an awesome destination wedding in Hawaii 20 min ceremony 4 hour reception open bar and buffet style we danced the night away and no one went home sober hungry or alone it was great
I want a destination wedding for my second marriage. Just family and the closest friends. My parents didn't go to the last one, and I just want them there. No one else really matters.
My bro & SIL have family and friends all across the country. Having a destination wedding was the most fair option for everyone. 
The opposite of selfishness.