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"My sister staged her engagement during my wedding vows."
Weddings are supposed to the perfect day. Friends and family are all gathered to celebrate. Endless amounts of time and money go into making everything go according to plan. But with so many things that could go wrong, chances are, problems will arise...

Wedding crashers IRL

Getting so hammered I interrupted a wedding with some guy I met 10 minutes before on the street at midnight

Older siblings always having to upstage you...

Oh do it ! 
My older sister interrupted my  wedding reception to announce her and her bf  got married  secretly the weekend before.  I was so pissed. Good luck to you!

Oh that's AWKWARD...

I interrupted my friend's wedding to declare my love I had felt for him in years. I told him how I felt infront of his whole family, friends, and girlfriend. He did not feel the same for me...

Oh Lord...

My Sister can't stand not being the center of attention. So much that she fake fainted during my wedding ceremony... She was a bridesmaid so it was in front of everyone.


I feel you. My sister staged her engagement to interrupt the vows at my wedding. She was the Maid of Honor. She even bought her own ring and threatened to kick her boyfriend out if he didn't do it.


Last year while floating down a river drinking with 30 of my friends. We interrupted a wedding on the water. Hope your day is better then theirs was.