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"My sister staged her engagement during my wedding vows."
Weddings are supposed to the perfect day. Friends and family are all gathered to celebrate. Endless amounts of time and money go into making everything go according to plan. But with so many things that could go wrong, chances are, problems will arise...

Wedding crashers IRL

Getting so hammered I interrupted a wedding with some guy I met 10 minutes before on the street at midnight

Older siblings always having to upstage you...

Oh do it ! 
My older sister interrupted my  wedding reception to announce her and her bf  got married  secretly the weekend before.  I was so pissed. Good luck to you!

Oh that's AWKWARD...

I interrupted my friend's wedding to declare my love I had felt for him in years. I told him how I felt infront of his whole family, friends, and girlfriend. He did not feel the same for me...

Oh Lord...

My Sister can't stand not being the center of attention. So much that she fake fainted during my wedding ceremony... She was a bridesmaid so it was in front of everyone.


I feel you. My sister staged her engagement to interrupt the vows at my wedding. She was the Maid of Honor. She even bought her own ring and threatened to kick her boyfriend out if he didn't do it.


Last year while floating down a river drinking with 30 of my friends. We interrupted a wedding on the water. Hope your day is better then theirs was.

Bad dog!

One time I was walking my dog and I walked by a church and my dog's leash slipped out of my hand and the dog ran into the church and interrupted a wedding oops

Poor mom :(

My dad wants to bring the woman he recently cheated on my mom with to my wedding. I am tempted to ask my father in law to walk me down the aisle just so my wedding isn't ruined for my mom.

This is why open bars are overrated.

not all drunks are happy and funny. get a couple of violent angry perv drunks and your wedding day is ruined.
My wedding was beautiful. 
But everyone got drunk and smoked cigarettes that night. The venue  owner called the cops and my wedding night was ruined. It's been a month but I am still torn up about it.

Oh, in-laws...

My MIL is a drama queen. She ruined our wedding by crying hysterically bc her son didn't sit w her.
My in-laws hate my guts . They ruined my wedding to see me cry. They don't care they ruined there sons wedding.

It was an accident, okay?

Last May was my sister wedding. During the wedding pictures I got a bloody nose that ruined my bridesmaids dress, then I sprained my ankle in the 6 inch heels. She is still mad at me for ruining her special day.

Bridezilla for sure.

I work for a wedding venue. Had a bride screaming at me that her wedding photos were being ruined by the cars that kept driving through. On a public road that the wedding party was trying to block.

Ten years is a long time...

I'm trying to forgive and forget that my husband ruined our wedding night by drinking too much and ending up sleeping on the hotel bathroom floor, but 10 years later I'm still struggling.....

Baby mama DRAMA!

Last wedding I went to the groom's ex wife/baby mama showed up at the very end of the night and the bride tried to fight her and was all pissed off 😳 the wedding was basically ruined for her.

She gets to be embarrassed by those photos for life at least.

My sister wore a sweat suit that looked like pajamas to my wedding and ruined the family pictures. It's just pure disrespect.

Keep the moms away from the wine.

@ my ex's brothers wedding his mom was spacebaggin boxed wine & got so fucked up she fell asleep on a bench before the ceremony even started! When she woke up she tried to fight 3 people...

Some people just don't want to be helped.

My wedding day was ruined yesterday by my coked out new brother in law going psychotic and trying to fight everyone. I've done nothing but try to help that piece of shit fix his life.I'm done trying.

Grab the EpiPen!

I had baklava at my wedding reception. I was so excited for it.
I didn't know that it had pistachios in it.
I'm deathly allergic to pistachios.
Wedding day Ruined.


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