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Here's Why Men Love It When Other Guys Hit On Their Wife
Every couple has a weird quirk or strange hobby that makes their relationship unique. For the following couples below, women admit that their husbands enjoy watching them get hit on or flirted with when they go out. While most guys would probably hate or get jealous by the idea, these women's husbands find that watching other man devote attention to their wives is something of an ego boost and for some, a huge turn on. Of course, there are rules that are followed and harmless flirting is about as far as it goes. Many couples confess that this is the spice they were looking for in their relationship.

It's a social outing.

My husband likes to watch me flirt with men at bars 😋

Whatever floats your boat.

My husband likes when other guys look at me...flatters him that others think his wife is hot and he gets to be like awwww yeah she's all mine!!


My husband likes to see me flirt with his friends

Everyone deserves to feel wanted.

My husband encourages other men to flirt with me because he knows I feel ugly and unwanted and wants me to feel desired by other men. He also knows when I'm about to develop a crush earlier than me.

Sounds like a fun game.

When guys flirt with me in bars my husband likes to wait and watch if I can get him a free beer.

This is kind of genius.

My husband doesn't mind me flirting back when customers flirt with me at my job. I get bigger tips and then use that money to buy us dessert or fund a date night.