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These People Are Too Embarrassed To Do These 'Normal Things' In Public
Everyone has their own quirks and insecurities. Personal experiences and anxiety inducing memories affect everyone differently, that's for sure. However, these people are too embarrassed to do some typically normal things in public. Do you agree with any of these confessions? Read on to see what 'normal things' some people are flipping out over. Their answers may surprise you!

Performance anxiety much?

I get so embarrassed driving with people I know. I hate when someone says they will follow me. 

Always have! I'm weird lol

But...that's what you do in there...

Going to the bathroom at work always embarrasses me.

When I come out it’s like everyone knows I just pulled my pants down.

Most people can only speak one language, don't trip!

Speaking English out loud in front of other people makes me so anxious. It's not my first language and I always feel like I'm being judged for sounding stupid.


I'm 29 and still get embarrassed to buy pads in public!


Doesn't matter who it is, I can't cook in front of others. Even if I know them well. It just gives me the worst anxiety.

Too many hand shakes to keep up with!

I hate shaking hands with people in public. I never know to shake it normally or do a bro shake.