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23 People Who Can't Stop Stalking Their Partner's Ex
No matter how secure we are in our relationships, jealousy has a way of creeping in when we least expect it. While it's natural to feel a tinge of jealousy here and there though, some people take the emotion to a whole new level, as these 23 people show. Read on as they talk about their secret habit of stalking their partner's ex. When it comes to obsessive behavior, the lengths that some people will go will surprise you.

You can't help but be green with envy.

I've been obsessing about my boyfriend's ex. I'm so insanely jealous that there are other people who have looked at him the way I do. He's MINE. I feel like a toxic monster.

Can't get her out of your head.

I am obsessing over my boyfriend's ex fling after walking into her a week ago. He didn't even recognise her. What's wrong with me?!!!

At least there's that.

I stalk my boyfriend's ex on Instagram. Her blatant stupidity is entertaining, to say the least.

Can't stop, won't stop.

I obsessively stalk my boyfriend's ex online. She's really ugly and has a pretty laughable life, but I just can't stop!

If only it was you.

I dont know why but I'm jealous of my girlfriend's ex, the one who took her virginity.

You can't help but compare yourself to them.

I'm anxious and jealous about how my girlfriend's ex is way better than me.