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Gut Chat: This Is What It's Like When You Have SIBO
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Anyone have sibo? I'm always 7 months pregnant and makes me hate my
Body :(
I have SIBO and most people don't know what that is. It is miserable
I’ve been on a FODMAP Diet for 3 weeks to test if I have SIBO and I want a burger so bad!
Check for SIBO.  Its a b**ch to treat, but my gf and I made progress.

Would be a bad idea to let this get worse.  Gut health = foundation for good living. Could be smth else too.
I was recently diagnosed with SIBO and was instructed to discontinue gluten
Have you ever looked into SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)?
There seems to be a correlation between rosacea and SIBO, which could be causing your IBS symptoms