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17 Painfully Awkward Moments When An Ex Showed Up Out Of Nowhere

Exes are pesky in every sense of the word: they have a trigger for your feelings that they could pull at any minute, and they have very little sense as to when it is appropriate to make an entrance back into your life. Some exes are downright unpredictable. They will show up to your place of work in an attempt to make you jealous, or the will show up to your doorstep in the rain groveling at your feet. The worst situation is when they decide to pop back into you life with their new significant other, or even worse; when you are with your new significant other. In any case, it's rarely okay for exes to poke their heads back into our lives, at these 17 people had to deal with some of the most awkward situations we have seen yet.


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17 Painfully Awkward Moments When An Ex Showed Up Out Of Nowhere